Quilted Christmas Ornaments

December 15, 2012

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It’s almost Christmas, everyone!!  We’ve been brewing some holiday beers and waiting patiently for our delicious Milk Stout to carbonate, so in the interrim I decided to take up a Christmas D.I.Y. project: homemade quilted Christmas ornaments!

DIY: Quilted Christmas Ornament

Aren’t they cute?  Good news: they’re super easy & fast to make. You can make a half-dozen in just over an hour (Hello Christmas hostess gifts!)

To start, you need the following:

  • 2-3 cotton fabrics of your choice (Tip: Choose fabrics in the same color family but with different patterns!) The brown plaid ornaments only use two fabrics; the red deer ornaments use three.
  • Styrofoam balls in your choice of size. I like larger ornaments, so I used 4” balls. They’re super cute in the 2” size too.
  • Thin (1/4”) satin ribbon
  • Fabric scissors
  • A butter knife (bear with me here.)
  • Dress pins or fabric glueDIY: Quilted Christmas Ornament


Now it’s time to make your ornaments!

  1. Cut the fabric into ~3-4” inch squares (for the 4” foam balls.  For smaller balls, cut 2” fabric squares.)
  2. Lay a fabric square over any section of the ball that you choose and hold it in place.
  3. Take your butter knife and push it into an edge of the fabric, down into the styrofoam. Continue around the edge of the fabric square, tucking it into the styrofoam securely.DIY: Quilted Christmas Ornament


  1. Take another piece of fabric, of a different pattern, and line it up with one side of the fabric square you’ve already tucked into the ball. Using your butter knife, tuck the edges of the new fabric square into the styrofoam ball in the same way you did for the first fabric square.
  2. Continue “quilting” the fabric pieces into the styrofoam ball,using the edges of the ones already embedded in the styrofoam balls as the starting place for the next, until you’ve completed the quilted ball!
  3. Find a seambetween fabric pieces in the quilted ball that you’d like to be the top.
  4. Cut a piece of ribbon 8-10” long. Fold it in half and, using your butter knife, tuck both ends of the ribbon into the ball. Secure the ribbon hook in place with dress pins or fabric glue.DIY: Quilted Christmas Ornament


  1. Hang on your Christmas tree & enjoy all season!

Don’t just stop with Christmas ornaments! For Easter, use soft pastel fabrics on the small 2” balls and hang them on forsynthia branches. For Valentine’s Dine, use hot pink and red polka-dotted fabric on balls of different sizes and place them on shelves throughout your house!



DIY: Quilted Christmas Ornament

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Barb Royer January 2, 2013 at 5:21 am

I love this! I will be doing some of these for our tree next year! Thnx!

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